Frequently Asked Questions

Every personal injury case is unique, but there are some questions we get on a regular basis that can apply to anyone contacting Hatfield Law Office. Please note that this information should not be construed as legal advice.

If you give a recorded statement to the insurance company, it can be used against you later.

While every case is unique, most of the time, you won’t have to worry about it going to trial. We may have to file your case in court, but it’s not the same as having a trial. Should your case end up going to trial, you’re in good hands because the attorneys at Hatfield Law Office have over 40 years of trial experience.

When an insurance adjuster tells you that you don’t need a lawyer, that’s when you need one the most. It’s always a good idea to at least speak to a lawyer and explain your situation before deciding if you are going to hire an attorney. Hatfield Law Office offers free consultations, so don’t be afraid to call and talk to us if you’re unsure whether you have a case.

Yes, we do home and hospital visits if necessary.

It’s important to always know the statute of limitations for your case so that you can file it before time runs out. The statutes of limitations for personal injury cases vary by type of case and are different in each state, so it can be confusing to find out what the statute of limitations is for your case. You can call Hatfield Law Office to find out what the statute of limitations is for your specific case.

You should always take photos of your own car showing the damage from a car crash, even if the insurance adjuster has also taken photos.

It’s never too early to call a lawyer. A lawyer knows the kind of evidence it takes to prove liability and injuries. It’s always better to begin gathering evidence from the beginning rather than at some point later when it may not be available anymore.

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