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Areas Of Practice

Hatfield Law Office focuses on cases in a number of areas of practice, including various types of personal injury, family law, criminal law, and expungements.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law addresses the rights of an individual who has suffered injuries, damages or death due to the negligence and actions of someone else. In Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, the rights of the injured victim are recognized to permit recovery of damages and compensation from the party who caused the injury to pay for your losses as a result of negligence.

Auto Accidents

An auto collision can change everything in a flash.  At Hatfield Law Office we are very aware that even a minor collision can cause lasting damages.  The injuries you suffer may take you down a very difficult path of recovery or even change of life.  Our law firm will walk with you on that path through recovery and ease the burden you carry.

Trips, Slips, and Falls

If you are injured due to dangers on someone else’s property, you should not have to bear the financial loss of medical expense, lost wages or other suffering.  Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition.  Call our office today to discuss your case and pursue full financial recovery.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one can be an unbearable life changing event and when the tragedy is due to the fault of a negligent party, it can be incredibly heart breaking and burdensome.  At Hatfield Law Office, we recognize that compensation will not bring your loved one back to you, but it can ease the financial burdens you may be facing. We review many wrongful death cases and are always willing to discuss your situation and advocate for your full financial recovery.

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Traumatic brain injury occurs in a wide variety of injury cases.  When you have suffered an injury to your brain, the affects present themselves in so many different ways, the injury often goes undiagnosed. Traumatic brain injury cases require experience and knowledge about the very difficult science and the requirements of evidence to prove the case.  Hatfield Law Office has handled numerous traumatic brain injury cases successfully over a long career of representing clients with very serious injuries.

Semi-Trailer/Truck Collisions

After experiencing the nightmare of a semi collision, you may feel at a loss for how to move forward. The entire course of your future changed in an instant. Our office has more than 30 years of experience with semi-truck collisions.

Motorcycle Injuries

It is frequently the case that the operator of a motorcycle will be the victim of an auto crash because the other driver doesn’t see you or doesn’t care.  Often motorcycle crashes end in severe injury or death.  The hardships they pose can be life changing and overwhelming.  Hatfield Law Office will step up in your time of need and build your case to obtain your rightful recovery of damages and losses.

Construction Site Injuries

The construction industry can be very dangerous for those who work every day around dangerous equipment or circumstances.  If you’ve been injured at the construction site, we can evaluate your case to determine if another company or their workers caused your injury.  Almost always it is important to seek legal counsel immediately following a construction site injury in order to preserve evidence necessary to prove your case for damages and losses.

Dog Bite Claims

Bad dog bites are tragic and can lead you down a difficult path with physical and emotional wounds.  When you’ve suffered a dog bite by someone else’s dog, it is important to know your rights as it relates to any claim against the owner of the dog.  We review many dog bite cases to determine if the owner is responsible for your injuries and losses. It’s important to seek legal counsel to evaluate the situation to have a firm strategy when an owner of a dog should be held responsible for your injuries.

Maritime and Jones Act Claims

Federal law governs navigable waterways throughout the United States.  These laws are often referred to as Maritime and Jones Act cases. If you work on navigable waters and suffer an injury, your case may be subject to the Maritime and Jones Act Laws of the United States Code.  At Hatfield Law Office we have experience with these laws and have pursued many claims in behalf of injured workers on navigable waters.

Nursing Home Injuries

When nursing homes betray your trust, and allow harm to come to a loved one, our office can guide you through the personal injury claim for your loved one or the adult wrongful death claim, if that applies.  These are heart-breaking circumstances and legal representation can ease the burden of this loss.

Four-Wheeler & ATV Injuries

ATV’s and four-wheelers pose substantial risks to riders.  When an injury occurs, we will review your situation and help you recover for your injuries and losses.


Many injuries and accidents can leave you with visible scars and disfigurement.  This physical change to your body can present daunting obstacles and even alter your lifestyle completely.  A personal injury claim can include a wide variety of losses, struggles, and suffering that come from scarring and disfigurement.  You’re entitled to gain compensation for these physical memories and the distress they cause.

Criminal Law

If you’ve been arrested, charged or cited with a crime or traffic offense, you may be facing serious consequences. Being convicted of a crime or losing your license can have a devastating effect on your family, your employment, your ability to secure a place to live, and potentially your freedom. A criminal conviction can lead to a lifelong consequences, permanent criminal record or other devastating consequences.

Family Law

If your family is having a crisis or in need of legal help, Hatfield Law in Evansville, Indiana provides strong yet compassionate representation in all areas of family law. Hatfield Law has experienced trial lawyers who are ready to fight for you in court if necessary. We will aggressively advocate for your interests in a contested divorce, marital property dispute or any other family law case.


A criminal charge creates not only personal stress, but it can also hamper your ability to be successful in the future. Expungement might be a way to clean your slate and allow you a fresh start on life.

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