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Four-Wheeler And ATV Injuries

Riding ATVs and four-wheelers is a popular activity for many adults, teens, and even children. But a day of fun can turn into a nightmare when someone gets injured by an ATV or four-wheeler, resulting in broken bones, head injuries, paralysis, or even death. We understand the stress and worry that comes in the aftermath of a serious ATV accident and can help guide you through the legal process.

The attorneys at Hatfield Law Office have handled numerous cases involving ATV injuries in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. Get peace of mind by choosing an experienced lawyer who isn’t afraid to go to trial if the need arises.

Common Causes of ATV Injuries

While adults are more frequently injured in ATV accidents than children, children usually suffer the worst injuries because they are driving or riding on a vehicle much bigger than them. Since you don’t need a driver’s license to drive an ATV, children under 16 can drive vehicles larger than they can handle and get seriously injured. Helmets are required for children under the age of 18, but helmets don’t prevent all injuries.

Other injuries come when two passengers use a vehicle designed for one person or when someone is driving dangerously, and the vehicle overturns. Since ATVs are mostly driven on off-road terrain, it’s easy for even experienced drivers to get caught by bumps, ditches, or loose gravel and cause injury.

Man riding through the woods about to have an ATV accident

What to do When You’ve Been Injured in an ATV Accident

If you have any suspicion that your injury or the injury of your loved one was the result of someone else’s negligence, schedule a free consultation with our office.

Don’t negotiate with the insurance company by yourself and don’t take money from the insurance company before you know how severe your injury is. If you’re in the hospital or unable to leave your home due to the injury, we can come to you for your consultation. It’s best to talk to an attorney as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary complications later down the road and get the help you need quickly.

It’s also important to know the statute of limitations for your case. The statutes are complicated and vary by state, so give us a call if you don’t already know the answer. The need to work within the statutes of limitations is another good reason to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after an ATV accident.

Free Legal Consultations

Don’t let the fear of legal fees keep you from contacting our office. We offer free consultations and you won’t pay unless we get you compensation.

When you call, we’ll ask a few questions like the date of the accident, the type of vehicle involved, and a general overview of what happened to help us determine how we can help you. It’s a good idea to keep any photos you have of your vehicle, the scene of the injury, or any other relevant photos and documentation.

Our attorneys are compassionate and have more than 35 years of experience taking on serious ATV injury cases. Call Hatfield Law Office today at 812-422-0222 to get started.

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