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When considerable marital estate is involved, the process of dividing the property as well as the divorce proceedings become complicated and contentious. Disputes often arise at every step of the divorce process. In these cases, it is common for people to own substantial marital estates. They may include real estate holding, business interests, international assets, complex trusts, and retirement accounts. These assets have a high net worth which can make divorce proceedings truly complicated and dividing property absolutely challenging.

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About Complex High Net Worth Divorce Cases

Below are some factors that cause a high net worth divorce to become complex:

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  • Evaluating nature of assets: There are specific assets that a spouse may have attained before the marriage which can be considered in dividing property. However, the asset may have appreciated in value during marriage which is now considered differently.
  • Complex issues of assets: Generally, spouses own multiple properties and business interests. When dividing properties, businesses may suffer.
  • Forensic accounting: Some spouses try to hide assets in order to avoid division. Forensic accounting should be done to track hidden assets before the actual total value can be assessed.
  • International issues: High net worth divorce cases sometimes involve spouses with international investments or assets. This may involve tax implications and a qualified attorney can explain.
  • Tax issues: High net worth assets often involve complex tax issues which are associated with benefit plans, entities, real estate, and child support.
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What Can Our Complex High Net Worth DivorceLawyers Do?

Complex high net worth divorce lawyers can help you understand the issues and complexities involved in the divorce proceedings. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure each process is carefully addressed and all legal requirements are satisfied. One wrong step may cause you to lose out on what may be rightfully yours. Do not let this happen as you deserve the most optimum outcome after going through such an ordeal.

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Benefits of Hiring Complex High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

Hiring a lawyer who is experienced in complex high net worth divorce cases can help you perform thorough investigations on properties or incomethat may have been hidden. Any withheld resources or minimized values will also be uncovered by our qualified lawyers. Our ample legal resources can help you find that needle in the haystack with back-to-back reviewing and cross-examining exercises if there is a need.

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Why Should You Hire Complex High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers at Hatfield Law?

At Hatfield Law, our complex high net worth divorce lawyers can help review your assets and keep you fully informed on the latest state laws related to divorce proceedings. Even if there is no contest, having a knowledgeable and helpful lawyer in every step of the way is essential.

If you want to schedule a free consultation with one of our complex high net worth divorce lawyers, feel free to contact us now. You can call Hatfield Law at 812-422-0222 or send an email to ryan@hatfieldlaw.com or david@hatfieldlaw.com.

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